Jurisprudence [ Kannada ]


Jurisprudence (Kannada): Full Syllabus Covered with answers for previous year University Questions)


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Jurisprudence (Kannada): Full Syllabus Covered with answers for previous year University Questions). Jurisprudence (Legal Theory) Is The Science Or Knowledge Of Law. The Study Of Various Branches Of Law Is Not Complete Unless The Science Of Law Is Studied And Understood Thoroughly.
The Questions Like What Is Law What For Law Is Necessary What Are The Sources Of Law What Are The Important Approaches And Concepts In The Study Of Law. The Answers For These And For Many Other Fundamental Questions Are Available In The Study Of Jurisprudence.

The Modern School Of Jurisprudence Leans Towards Sociological Study Of Law To Fulfil The Social Needs Of The People And Society. Hence The Scientific Study Of Law Has Been Fast Developing And Expanding, Implying That The Present Legal System Is Imperfect And Needs Further Improvements. This Book On Jurisprudence Has Been Written With The Primary Objective Of Making The Scientific Study Of Law Easy, Simple And Understandable To The Student Community, As There Is Already An Apprehension In The Minds Of Students That Jurisprudence Is A Difficult Subject And Not Easily Understandable. Hence Utmost Care Has Been Taken To Present The Subject Matter In Essay Form In Simple Language With Model Questions For Every Topic.

Separate Index Is Given For Short Notes To Enable The Students To Be Conversant With All The Short Notes So That The Short Note Questions In The University Examinations Are Easily Identified And Fully Answered. The Previous Year University Questions With Reference Answers Shall Be Of Immense Help To Students To Make A Review Of What They Have Studied And What Else Are Yet To Study And Also To Know The Pattern Of University Questions. We Do Positively Hope That This Revised Edition Will Fully Cater To The Needs Of The Students Not Only From The Point Of Understanding And Grasping The Subject Thoroughly But Also For Preparing Well For All Law Examinations.

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